Minimal. Affordable. Customizable.

Timeless furniture custom designed by you, for you.
Infinite configurations, endless possibilities, made for your life.


Designed by you,
for any space.

Aalo was founded on a simple idea:
to create a furniture solution that is as unique as you are, while being as easy and affordable as you want it to be.

We’ve reinvented the way furniture is designed and assembled, so that you can enjoy the most creative, affordable, and convenient furniture shopping experience ever.


AA-006 Floor Lamp



AL-002 Accent Chair



DIY Dog House - by Nadia K.


AA-003 Coatrack



AA-001 Stool


How it works

Design and customize your own furniture.

No matter how big or small, you can design and assemble your perfect furniture solution in just a few clicks.

Simply sketch by hand, or use the Aalo Configurator to start designing and explore what others have made.

Just the parts you need, assembled in minutes.

No tools, just hands - all of the pieces were designed specifically to save you time and effort, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.

Simple, high quality, and customized furniture at an affordable price.

Endless possibilities, with quality to last.

Our patent-pending assembly system fits together like LEGOTM, so you can customize your next furniture exactly how you want it.

All of our parts are made with premium grade baltic birch plywood, aluminum, and steel to provide you with the best durability and quality.

Furniture, Reinvented.

To create the most innovative, high quality, and affordable furniture solution ever made, our team has passionately re-engineered every aspect of funiture making from scratch, all the way from design and manufacturing to how it gets to you.

Customizable, durable, and affordable?




Common parts =
More flexibility for everyone.

Our patent-pending connectors fit together like LEGOTM.
This means cost savings in our manufacturing and design process, while giving you the maximum amount of customizability.

Streamlined manufacturing

From day one, we've been obsessed with having our lean manufacturing and design methods down to a science. The results is an affordable, adaptable, and high quality furniture solution without any compromises.

Quality & environmentally friendly materials

Our efficient design approach allows us to offer high quality materials without the price tag. Our parts are made with only the best grade of aluminum, steel, and baltic birch plywood.




Direct to customer =
No middleman, no hassle.

We cut out the middleman, and all unneccessary overhead costs, and pass on the savings to you.

Community driven.
Sharing is caring!

We're creating a community where anyone can create and share their unique designs made with Aalo. Have fun sharing your ideas, or save time by purchasing from the designs made by other people like you.

Know your factories.
Know your costs.

We believe consumers have the rights to know where their goods are coming from, and how they are designed and made. We strive to be transparent in all aspects of our operations, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Join the journey.

Say no to overpriced, uninspired, "one size doesn't fit all" furniture options.

Know the source, and join our mission to bring quality, customizable, and affordable furniture to the masses.

Got a few minutes? Help us shape our product to fit your needs.